‘Wish you Were Here’ – a new show by Nicolette Carter

‘Wish you Were Here’ – a new show by Nicolette Carter

Nicolette Carter’s exhibition, ‘Wish you Were Here’, in Skylark Galleries 1 from 17th Aug until 6th Sept, includes a collection of her new paintings.  These acrylic paintings on canvas are available in miniature and on a larger scale.

Nicolette’s artwork has been described in the following way:

‘Intricately detailed and richly coloured, Nicolette’s paintings invoke the fleeting spirit of English Summertime. Blurring the line between real and imaginary places.’

If you wish to meet Nicolette, she will be at the gallery from 11 am until 6pm on Sunday 30th August.  Your thoughts and questions would be welcomed and Nicolette and all of us at Skylark Galleries hope you can visit the exhibition at some stage during it’s run.

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