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Gill Hickman at

Skylark Galleries 1

“The Dance of Life”

Above and Beyond by Gill Hickman FOR SALE BY AUCTION – send your bids to gill@gillhickman.com

Our God is the Same God 60 x 60 cm on canvas

Gill mainly creates abstract embossed collages using fine crafted papers often embellishing them with 24 carat gold leaf. Each piece evolves individually & is hand-made with loving focus & attention. Simple geometric shapes are often used to represent balance, harmony and unity.

Since turning 60, Gill has begun to deviate from these standard forms and her works have become more organic in nature, with flowing threads, rivers or pathways of textured gold or silver traversing the paper, referring perhaps to the archetypal theme of “The Journey” or “The Dance of Life”.

Included in this show is “Above and Beyond” a textured canvas painting which highlights the fragility of life on earth. A thin blue layer shows our atmosphere, our lifeline. Major scientists say we have just 12 years to tackle the issues of global warming. This painting is for sale by auction.

As well as practising as an artist, Gill also facilitates weekly meditation classes in South East London.


Tues 22nd Jan 12-5pm. Gill will bring samples of hand-made papers she has collected from around the world and also samples of her embossing materials.

Skylark Galleries 1
Studio 5, Gabriel’s Wharf 
London SE1 9PP

Dutton Sisters

Skylark Galleries 2

Breathing Space

Canterbury Tales linocut by Jennifer Dutton

Angel of Truth mixed media by Kathleen Dutton

‘Dutton Sisters’ A pause, See you soon.
One year sabbatical!
Skylark Galleries London’s artists Jennifer Dutton and Kathleen Dutton are taking a year out, a ‘BREATHING SPACE’ that starts here with this one off show, they will return in 2020.
A time to clear the decks and studios, time to create new work.
Come and join Kathleen & Jennifer on  Sunday the 27th January between 12-3pm for Tea and Nibbles and some special discounts.

Skylark Galleries 2
Unit 1.09 Oxo Tower Wharf
Barge House Street,
London SE1 9PH

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