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Colin Ruffell

Skylark Galleries 1

“Views of London”

11th to 31st March 2019


Colin Ruffell is one of our most senior artists, and has been painting for over 50 years!! He lives in Brighton with his artistic family. He has been part of the Skylark Collective since 2012.

Colin makes acrylographs on canvas. These are an art-form that combines fine art print with original painting. The first painting is digitally edited, then printed onto canvas, then repainted with new features onto the canvas. In this way Colin updates and captures views of London as the city develops and changes.

Colin writes the Blog for the Skylark Galleries website and his latest post is about Artists Collectives how they work and what the befefits are. You can read it here

“The Oxo Tower”
“The White Tower”
Colin usually works in our galleries every fortnight but is taking a short break at the moment for health reasons.
Skylark Galleries 1
Studio 5, Gabriel’s Wharf 
London SE1 9P

Zsuzsanna Pataki

Skylark Galleries 2

“Colour and Light”

12th to 31st March 2019


Zsuzsanna Pataki is a colourist with an eye for beauty in unexpected places. Her artworks capture history and atmosphere in an impressionistic style, with bold colours. She is an avid student of urban life, often painting cityscapes en plein air (on site), noting the peaceful coexistence of ancient architecture and contemporary designs.

Alternating layers of liquid, runny acrylics and thick impasto worked with palette knife Zsuzsanna invites the viewer to complete the story of the artwork by imagination. Inspired by the great Impressionist masters’ understanding of colour theory, the design principles of Expressionism, and sense of drama of Baroque masterpieces, she fills her paintings with a unique, playful mixture of traditional and modern elements. The goal is to arrest the viewer, then entertain, and hopefully make her think…

“I paint a puzzle: we never have the whole picture… and always add our own bit to the story.”

“The Doge’s Palace Venice”
Zsuzsanna will be at the gallery on Thursday 28th March and on Sunday 31st March from 11am to 6pm. She would love to meet you and answer any questions you have about her work.

Skylark Galleries 2
Unit 1.09 Oxo Tower Wharf
Barge House Street,
London SE1 9PH

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