WhatsApp 2.17.156 BETA Update Download Available with New Features and Improvements

WhatsApp 2.17.156 BETA Update Download Available with New Features and Improvements

Their new WhatsApp BETA version has been released during devices running on Android operating system OS. We have – mention that since this application is very popular (having over 1.2 million monthly active users), it means which is the developers buy to continuously work on it, because the users find all the season new issues that need to constitute fixed.

The latest WhatsApp Apk Download version that has been for purchase for Android devices is 2.17.156 in addition , it can then be downloaded and installed on very own handset. The new WhatsApp 2.17.156 BETA APK (installation) file brings a size of 33.56MB, meaning that it is will only 0.03MB larger than the previous installment file of the application.

This means that the developers have not added any new features , options to the application, but instead they have always worked on fixing some of the issues and issues that they’ve selected on the product. We remind you which is some  rumors were suggesting which is the software engineers will excretion a better feature – the application that will allow your site to eliminate messages that you’ve sent to someone.

However, you will be able to delete those messages Will only if specific person you’ve sent people today to has not read them in addition , a specific period time has not passed. As during the “Video Conference” feature, we still not have any official information about it, so there are high chances that those previous rumors were always some scams. WhatsApp 2.17.156 BETA

WhatsApp 2.17.156 BETA: How To Install On Your Android Device:

How To Deploy On Very own Android Device The recently available WhatsApp Apk BETA may want to already be downloaded and installed directly from the official Android operating system store.

In order to becoming a WhatsApp BETA tester, you will have to open this Google Play Store in addition , tap on a the “BECOME A TESTER” button. After that, you surely have – open the official Android operating system store app, search during WhatsApp multiple.17.156 BETA and tap specific “INSTALL” device to get started off the installment process.


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