How can you download VLC Player for MacBook Air

How can you download VLC Player for MacBook Air

VLC Player for Mac is an open source, free media player which you can download on all of your devices. This versatile media player allows you to enjoy the luxury of playing all kinds of media files in almost every type of format, without having to encode or convert the file format first. VLC Player for Mac is compatible with various kinds of media file formats, even many exotic ones. The different kinds of formats which are compatible with VLC Player for Mac are;

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MPEG
  • RMBV
  • FLV
  • HD
  • BluRay

These are just some of the basic file formats which are compatible with VLC Player for Mac. There are several other types of media files also which you can seamlessly play via VLC Player.

If you want to know how you can download VLC Player for Mac for free, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Visit the VLC MacOS X download page from your web browser. Once you are on this page, you will need to download the MacOS X package which is available for free.
  2. You need to double click on the icon of the MacOS X package to download it, and it will appear on your home screen beside your drives.
  3. Open this package on your home screen. Now, drag the VLC Player application from the drop down window and drag and drop it to the place where you would like to install your new VLC Player for windows.
  4. Once you have completed this step, VLC Player for Mac will install on your Mac device. If you are already using an older version of VLC Player for Mac on your device, you will need to delete this application before you can download the new VLC Player on your Mac.

What are some of the pros and cons of VLC Player for Mac? :

Pros of VLC Player for Mac-

  • It is available in a simple, user friendly interface which is easy for everyone to use
  • Even though the user interface is pretty basic, you can still enjoy very advanced control features on the new versions of VLC Player for Mac
  • You can also enjoy more format support in the newer version of VLC Player for Mac (version 2)
  • Enjoy playing your media files in HD as well as BluRay options
  • VLC Player for Mac supports a wide variety of different file formats, even many exotic file formats
  • The new and updated VLC Player for Mac allows you to enjoy web integration and channel streaming services including channel streaming from various channels such as ESPN,, National Geographic, and much more
  • VLC Player for Mac is lightweight, flexible and very easy to use
  • The new dual window features of VLC Player for Mac allow you to view the different locations for your media file, as well as put it on your playback list with a simple drag and drop gesture on your Mac
  • Enjoy a good hotkey support on your VLC Player for Mac
  • VLC Player for Mac is just 30.05 MB in size, thus you don’t need to worry about the file taking up too much space on your device, neither do you need to worry about VLC Player using up your resources excessively
  • You can sneak a peek and preview your media files even before it finishes downloading completely on your device. This means that you do not need to wait for the entire media file to finish downloading on your device before you can start viewing the file.

And the best part of everything is that all these amazing features can be enjoyed absolutely for free! Download VLC Player for Mac and enjoy every bit of your new media player.


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