Valerie Lockett – current Featured Artist in Skylark Galleries 2

Sculpture is mainly where Valerie Lockett’s interests lie. The Earth’s natural landscape and cycles intrigue her, surface and movement.  You’ll find her work looking at the negative and positive usually of the circular or curvilinear kind, it’s symbolism, representing life and our connection to the universe. Forms that we all understand, that we feel comfortable sharing our space with.

Lockett creates sculptural pieces using canvas and acrylics, wood, metal, pipes and other easily accessible materials.

Do please drop by our Skylark Gallery 2 on the first floor of the Oxo Tower before her show ends on 13th March.  But of course, like all our artists, some of Valerie’s work is on display full-time in our gallery.

You can view a selection of Valerie’s work here, along with some further information about Valerie’s life as an artist.

Valerie Lockett – Skylark Galleries 2 artist

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