The Ultimate VR Gaming Headset – Buyer’s Guide

The Ultimate VR Gaming Headset – Buyer’s Guide

The ManO’War has indistinguishable muscular 50mm sound drivers from the Kraken Pro V2, which create extraordinary sound and bone-rattling bass. The ear pieces are secured with a rich, supple froth sheathed in delicate calfskin. The top piece has a gel cushion that keeps the plastic check support off the highest point of your head. However, it’s excessively unbending for my loving. The cushion isn’t uncomfortable. However, it’s observable.

For a $169 headset, I expected a touch of PC Gaming VR Headsets – Best Of Best in 2020 in the design since the Kraken has a metal casing. However, the whole headset is made of plastic. Razer revealed to me its objective was to make the ManO’War as light as could reasonably be expected, and however it succeeded, and the plastic is tough, and the headset feels well made, it just appears to be somewhat shoddy at this value point.

For instance, the cushioning for the cross prop is held in by two delicate looking plastic tabs, and there’s a great deal of flex as well; not because the plastic is fundamentally malleable yet rather in light of the fact that it’s thin. Rather than feeling indestructible, they feel weak, and I wouldn’t have any desire to pack them in a sack for go inspired by a paranoid fear of them snapping down the middle.

The ManO’War features 7.1 encompass sound, rather than the “virtual” kind highlighted on its more affordable headsets, and it can likewise be tweaked in the Razer Synapse programming. Both earpieces are enhanced with a Chroma-empowered Razer logo, and if you have a Razer console and mouse you can match up every one of your gadgets to move to a similar lighting impact, which is cool.

The lighting impact alternatives incorporate Static, Breathing, or Spectrum Cycling, where the logos spin through each shade of the rainbow. The left earpiece conceals a retractable, unidirectional mic for voice correspondence alongside a wheel for the mic volume level and also a pointer LED and power catch. The correct earpiece has a volume control wheel too.


Any modifications outside volume ability to control are finished with Razer’s Synapse programming. If you officially claim a Razer item, you most likely as of now have Synapse introduced. The product downloads the drivers for the ManO’War when you associate it interestingly and consequently adds it to the Synapse suite. It’s full-highlighted programming suite as there are seven unique classes in the product for the headset: alignment, sound, mic, blender, EQ, lighting, and onscreen show (OSD).


The enormous primary disclosure I had while testing the ManO’War is that will experience serious difficulties back to my stereo Gaming VR Headsets. The 7.1 encompass sound sounds fabulous in motion pictures, as well as helped my Counter-Strike diversion.

I could get a decisive advantage over more than a couple of rivals since I could hear the heading of their moving toward strides, and I even got more than a couple of additional slaughters as a result of it. The bass propagation is effectively the ManO’War’s solid suit, as these things can pound. On the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to tune into bass-overwhelming music, or play loads of shooters or recreations with touchy sound impacts, the ManO’War truly convey.

The headset can likewise get truly boisterous. My own volume farthest point was 60 out of 100, and anything higher made me perplexed I may harm my ears. In any case, blessed bovine; at that level, I could truly feel the bass thundering in my cheekbones. It additionally didn’t lose devotion when I turned the volume far up, as everything still sounded thick and rich.

The Verdict

Razer’s ManO’War is a convincing bundle as it has both fantastic equipment and programming, and is quite comfortable too on account of its thick, extravagant earpieces. However, I wish the cushion on the top was milder. On the sound front, it conveys thundering bass, clean mids, and highs, and its retractable mic is about at least somewhat great.

Generally speaking the main genuine significant thump against it is its all-plastic development, which absolutely makes it light however at this cost I’d like it to feel more robust and sturdy. It’s additionally a disgrace that dissimilar to some of its rivals it can’t be utilized with a Xbox or telephone/tablet.


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