Trinidad Ball In conversation with Colin Ruffell.

CR. Your work is very subjective, full of detail, and photographic realism. What is the process?

TB. I start by planning the painting. I know where on the canvas everything will be before I start painting.

CR. Crikey! Many other artists start by putting on background texture and colour, then add shape and tone to get a pattern. And only then start to add detail and subject. Well that’s the way I do it anyway. But you are quite different. Wow!

TB. I like the control and efficiency of a well designed and planned painting process.

CR. I am very impressed by your overall design. The positive and neutral spaces on the canvas are just right. I guess that you have to be patient whereas I am impatient. Tell me a bit more.

TB. I know that someone seeing and looking at one of my paintings will see in a certain way. I try to have a focal point on the painting that catches the eye. Then the viewers eye will move around the piece. I don’t want their eye going towards and then over the edge off the painting. I try to make it so that their visual journey travels around the artwork and returns to the centre of interest. Of course there can be several other journeys within the same piece.

CR. Wow! But I am also impressed by your painting skill. I understand that you take commissions.

TB . Yes. As well as commissions for portraits, I also undertake commissions for other work based upon my still life paintings. I’m always interested in exploring new possibilities or producing new and different versions of previous paintings. On a number of occasions, I’ve been commissioned by interior designers who see my work as playing a part in an overall design and having some experience of interior design myself, I’m always keen to take up the challenge of relating image to colour and space.

CR. Tell me a bit more.

TB. I was delighted when I received an e-mail from Texas, USA, asking me to do a large painting (155cmx93cm) of one of my favourite subjects: cherries. This has been a very exciting and rewarding commission and I am looking forward to seeing a photo of “CUP RUNNETH OVER” in situ.

Cup Runneth Over by Trinidad Ball

Cup Runneth Over by Trinidad Ball

TB. My latest commission: “THE GREAT SQUEEZE, USA”. Realist enough? Soon on its way to Texas, USA, to join “Cup Runneth Over”.


The Great Squeeze USA by Trinidad Ball

The Great Squeeze


TB. I love to see my work “in situ” and here is The Great Squeeze, USA, finally at home.”


The Great Squeeze in situ

The Great Squeeze in situ

CR. Thanks Trinidad. Have a look at the previous blog to see more about work by Trinidad Ball.



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