The birth of a painting

The birth of a painting

 Skylark Galleries’ Zsuzsanna Pataki has filmed a guided video tour of how great inspiration turns into a massive artwork, drop by drop until it is larger than life and keeps blooming, long after nature has finished the project: The birth of a painting: Apple Blossom 

Lock down an artist at your own peril: Zsuzsanna discovered the garden hose as a painting tool! (To the terror and delight of various family members!) She also recommissioned some large old canvases yearning for a new life in her shed.

Petts Wood Apple Blossom, 100x100cm, acrylics on deep edge canvas,
£1200 exc p&p (payment plan available) 

Petts Wood Apple Blossom is semi-abstract, an amalgam of many impressions of a magnificent apple tree. It kept blossoming, on and on, for a couple of weeks during lockdown… Zsuszanna passed it ever day, as it stood guard at the end of human habitat and the beginning of her local jungle.

May it lift your heart as it did ours, and bring life and light into your day!

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