Skylark Galleries – a new beginning

Skylark Galleries – a new beginning

Richard Dickson is one of the artists who’s been putting in the hours to reopen Skylark Galleries in Gabriel’s Wharf from noon this Friday 14 August.

The gallery, featuring a diverse range of original art for sale, will initially open Fridays & weekends in August from 11.30am until 3.30pm, with more regular opening hours anticipated in September.

The re-opening comes hot on the heels of Skylark Galleries launching its website ‘hub’, through which art lovers can browse artworks by all artists in the collective, click and buy from those in our new on-line shop, and link to the web shops of others, via our Artists page.

Yet back in the dark days of March, Richard, who has been keeping a lockdown diary, reveals that the future of Skylark Galleries looked anything but bright...

The chill of winter

March – Amidst the chaos and anxiety of lockdown Skylark Director Gill Hickman and the artists in both galleries came to the sad conclusion that they should not renew the leases on Skylark 1 and 2.

Green shoots

April – After many Zoom meetings with the whole collective a new structure began to evolve. A myriad of ideas flew back and forwards and eventually it was decided from the hub website there would be a physical gallery with three leaseholders and a brand new on-line shop.

June – A great deal of planning and development was carried out by both artists and consultants to bring the on-line shop to life. Meantime complicated negotiations continued with Coin Street Community Builders to finalise the lease on Unit 5. 

Plans bear fruit

July – After a marathon of work and effort the on-line shop went live along with a newly developed interactive website. In the physical gallery plucky painters gave the unit a new coat of paint and, along with other artists, smartened up the space. The Wharf began to come to life, people and new businesses were returning.  

Harvest time

August – In preparation for the opening of the physical gallery safety precautions were installed – the last bit of the jigsaw that allows us to fling our doors open wide!

So, we look forward to welcoming you both our online shop, individual artists’ shops on the platform – and to our re-opened gallery at Unit 5 Gabriel’s Wharf, 56 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP.

Who knows what the future holds for Skylark Galleries but we have all done our our very best and so its onwards and upwards! 


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