Skylark 2 – featured artist: Colin Pearce

Skylark 2 – featured artist: Colin Pearce

RDNAW is the title of the brand new show by Colin Pearce Photography. It is open now and runs until Sunday 9th October. The venue is Skylark Galleries 2, 1st Floor, OXO Tower Wharf, South Bank London. Open tues-sun (11-6pm) Admission is free.

“Why RDNAW? The name of the show is a hybrid of my creative vision of Raw and the word DNA. Its conception began as I shot a series of Photographs using the brief of Hoaxas their inspiration. Don’t be fooled by this term, our minds tend to then process everything we see as a lie. Presented here is The Only Truth, half-truths and downright lies. However, the works will retain their dark secrets forever. As the work progressed, I realized each piece questioned and revealed me in the most intimate yet provocative way as their ingredients included my flesh, blood, bodily fluids, inspiration and humour. The show will include the complete project in various size options and three exclusive works yet to be released. The centre-piece in the main Gallery window is Marc Quinn Summer in high impact A1, a metre-high blood lolly capturing an impression of my own bite. What a sight to fill the London skyline this Autumn. After all, capturing an eternal Summer could be considered my most fulfilling Hoax and most wonderful gift to you all.”



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