Skylark Galleries 1


Skylark Galleries 1 features 14 artists and is situated in the popular Gabriel’s Wharf – surrounded by tempting shops and restaurants. Gabriel’s Wharf is just to the west of Oxo Tower and a few minutes walk from the Tate Modern. Each day one of the exhibiting artists is present and will happily talk about their own and other artists’ work. The display in the gallery changes around every three weeks, with a new artist taking the Feature Slot on the back wall. We hold enjoyable evening events most months, so check out our Social Media pages for information.
Gallery open everyday:

12 – 5pm wintertime (begins when clocks go back, ends when they go forward)

11 – 6pm summertime

Skylark Galleries 1
Studio 5
Gabriel’s Wharf
56 Upper Ground

Tel: 020 7928 4005