Shyama Ruffell artist

Shyama Ruffell artist

“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.” – Lucille Ball …

I’ve just looked up that quote and am delighted to learn that it came from Lucille Ball.

I am only just old enough to remember Lucille Ball. No really !

As a kid I was fascinated by her seemingly constantly surprised expression. Those high brows and wide open eyes topped and tailed by a crown of red hair and bright red lips. 

As I remember from the tv show she was always in trouble, quite slapstick almost annoying so, just on the edge of getting it right but failing every time often in a really messy way. 

I loved the character, but years later when I learnt that actually she was a talented, sassy, head screwed very tightly on, business woman. I loved her even more. 

I speak as an artist constantly juggling actually making art with selling, accounting promoting and domestics. To find that my mantra  ” if you want something … Blah you know the rest ” came from her, well that’s inspiring. 

I am writing this while sitting in Skylark Gallery 1. Before I had even left my house in Brighton this morning I had planned the dinner for my boys and made my breakfast for the next day.

It’s my specially home made muesli. It soaks in almond milk, I did say that I live in Brighton ! 

One might assume that the train journey would be a chance to sit back and watch the countryside. Notice the fingertips of Spring pushing back the Winter duvet to reveal its self. But no, my train journey included emailing my fellow reps for the Brighton Festival Artist’s Open House exhibitions. We are currently organising a flyer, lapel, and window stickers, and a special window installation. Then a chat with a talented jewellery designer about a possible joint project for the Summer, some Instagram Facebook and Twitter posts before speed-reading a few chapters of my book. I was at Blackfriars surprisingly quickly.

Arriving at the gallery in Gabriel’s Wharf early I had time to grab a coffee, and now a few hours later I have sold paintings, prints and cards. Had many enjoyable conversations about art, travel, publishing, arranged to send a print to California. Calmed a squawking baby, whilst explaining the benefits of self-publishing to the mother. Regaled stories to people about artist’s open house exhibitions and growing up the daughter of two artists in the Sussex countryside.

I’ve drawn four birds in my sketch book, which I have immediately Instagramed, I’ve arranged an acupuncture appointment, and sorted out my Zumba classes for the week. This has of course all been peppered with phone calls, text messages and now I’m writing my first  500 word blog. 

So does anyone need anything done ? 



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