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Ruty Benjamini – rediscovering the ancient technique of coiling in lockdown

Israeli born ceramic artist Ruty Benjamini loves coiling pots, but she doesn’t do it often. She’s lucky to have her studio in her garden, so lockdown is allowing her more time to play.

She was inspired by a clip she saw online. It connected to her teaching practice. Whereas her normal coiling – an ancient technique of building pots by adding rolls of clay – is flowing and organic, she coiled the ZigZag pot you can see in this video clip in a a very controlled way. Then, to highlight the texture, she painted it with white slip and rubbed it down – a technique she hasn’t used for decades!

As this beautiful pot was too high for her kiln, so Ruty will fire it in sections after it has dried. To see more of Ruty’s beautiful ceramics, click here.


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