Portrait art: an interview with Stella Tooth

Portrait art: an interview with Stella Tooth

Curator Space today published an interview with Skylark Galleries portrait and musician artist Stella Tooth.

Musicians in lockdown

In it, Stella speaks about her British figurative art – her portrayal of musicians in lockdown – and about her forthcoming exhibition with the Lots Road Group of portrait artists, which she co founded.


Called, Beyond the door’, the exhibition will be held in London as soon as Covid 19 restrictions allow. It will feature portraiture generated during confinement when our own front doors have had a heightened significance in their dual role as protection from harm and barrier to freedom.

The theme allows exploration of both interior and exterior worlds and the experiences of the artists’ subjects’ during the pandemic. It will also nod towards the door as a symbolic portal through which we will enter a new, unfamiliar post viral world.

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Interview with Skylark Galleries artist Stella Tooth in Curator Space about her lockdown musician art and forthcoming London Exhibition with the Lots Road Group.
Robert Hokum, founder of the Ealing Blues Festival.

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