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Autobiographical noticings
Born in East Berlin, I grew up a rebellious youth, escaped to the
West, studied performance Art / Experimental Film, in 1998 moved
to South London, trained as ceramicist.
My recent ceramic sculptures recover performance art and hinge
on the drive to unruliness, acquired in formative years in East
Germany, where art was either the official prescribed images of
glorified workers, or the unofficial underground, with the danger of
discovery and subsequent punishment.
My work
…explores the margins of beauty, functionality and aesthetic
Using a wide range of ceramic techniques, I make sculptural
forms, which could be described as Punk-Baroque.
They are embellished collage-like pieces, accentuated with gold
lustres and inspired by traditional transfer-ware as well as traces
and detritus of contemporary urban life.
I also incorporate ‘found objects’ – dead flies, rusty nails and
bones, using resin or glass combinations in the determination to
über-express and emphasize unruliness.

Awkward Objects

15 Minutes With The Dead



In My Head

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