Sarita Keeler

  • Birds on Wire
    Birds on Wire Acrylic 65 x 65cms, thick edged canvas £ 130
  • Red Bike by Sarita Keeler
    Red Bike by Sarita Keeler Acrylic on thick-edged canvas 137 x 137cm
  • Raven In The Woods by Sarita Keeler
    Raven In The Woods by Sarita Keeler Mixed media on thin-edged canvas 80 x 30cm

I am heavily influenced by the natural world, exploring the balance between freedom and restraint, using nature as an agent of chaos within the urban landscape. Most of my artwork emphasises mood and movement, and my aim is for the finished product to be raw, vivid and expressive. I work mainly with acrylics, creating multi-layered, tactile pieces.

Much of my life has been spent travelling, learning from different cultures and environments. My use of colours has been influenced from visiting places such as India, Mexico and Jamaica, and have gained an appreciation for space and the abstract from living in Australia, Cornwall, the United States, and now London. Working towards qualifications in Fashion Illustration and Photography has developed my skills in lighting, angles and composition.

I currently paint out of my home in Kingston upon Thames, but wherever I find myself, painting is a source of calm; laying emotions of the moment onto canvas has always been my way of simplifying them.