Paula Olley

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I am inspired by so many things around me. Land and Seascapes, often with dramatic skies, are a constant source for my paintings. Sometimes it’s a specific location, other times they are representative of an experience held firm in my heart and memory. I try to capture some of the beauty and atmosphere that can evoke an emotion or the sense of calm contemplation often felt when we stand small in nature.

I use oil paint on canvas and chalk pastels on coloured paper. The sizes vary from small pieces which are often studies to very large paintings which can be ongoing projects that can take years to complete.

I love every aspect of the creative process. As a painting begins to evolve, my conscious thinking stops and is replaced by more of an intuitive flow, an interplay connecting  materials and mind. Sometimes it can feel like a meditation and at other times it’s as though some kind of magic is happening.

I have exhibited at the Autumn Battersea AAF with Art* for the last eight years and have works in private collections in the UK, France, Israel and USA.


Low Tide , 80 X 150 cms, Oil on Canvas, SOLD


I Returned to my Childhood no.2, 130 x 90 cm, Oil on Canvas, POA


A Perfect Place To Be, 20 x 50 cms, Oil on Canvas , £ 325
(Box Canvas un framed)


The Headland, 170x 100 cms ( I have cropped image to 100 x 100) Oil on Canvas – SOLD

Elephant Children, 35 x35 cms Chalk Pastels on Coloured Paper, £250 ( with Mount and frame)

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