Michelle Elwell

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Having studied Fine Art at Central St. Martins and Byam Shaw School of Art Michelle went
on to specialise in printmaking. In 2008 she graduated with an MA in Printmaking from
the University of Brighton, in association with the London Print Studio.

Michelle creates artworks inspired by the transient beauty of nature. The work is
concerned with accepting that everything is in a state of transition and
acknowledging the inevitability of decay, death and rejuvenation. One of her favourite
places to be is in her garden which is also where she gets most of her inspiration.

Michelle uses close-up photography to emphasise the fragile forms and textures of flowers in
bloom and when they start to fade. She depicts the beauty of flowers in a unique
way, transforming flowers, petals and plant forms into vibrant multi-faceted images
with movement and depth. By manipulating the original photography, combining,
layering and enhancing it digitally; Michelle gives these transient flowers
a renewed permanence.

Michelle is also a musician, and music is a major influence on her work. The varied music she listens to
often affects the outcome of the image and sometimes provides the work with a title.

Michelle will be exhibiting with Skylark Galleries at the Affordable Art Fair in October 2020.


Energy Flow II, Archival C-type print, Edition of 10 Ø40cm, Acrylic mounted,

£850 (Also available in a square format)

Star of Persia, Archival digital pigment print, Edition of 12 40 x 40cm, Framed

No Longer Available

Reverie, Archival C-type print, Edition of 10, 61 x 91cm, Perspex Mounted


In Paradisum IV, Archival C-type print, Edition of 12, Ø 80cm, Acrylic mounted

£2800 (Available in different sizes and formats within the edition)

Flame I, Edition of 15, Archival digital pigment print, 40 x 40cm


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