Mark Lodge


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What inspires you?
I am inspired by the diverse architecture around London especially by the Thames and truly magnificent mountain scenery of the Swiss Alps.

Who are your favourite artists and why?
It is very difficult to decide who are my favourite artists because I enjoy and appreciate the work of many but to name a few would be Caravaggio for his use of drama and light, Canaletto for his historical depiction of architecture and Edward Compton because I love the high mountain scenery.

Tell us about a memorable exhibition or creative event you experienced
This would be our recent trip to Yorkshire and visiting the open air sculpture park at Breton, walking around the park is magnificent with the rolling landscape and seeing great sculptures of Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth just to name a few and all within a few miles of where I grew up.

What is your favourite medium or artist’s tool to work with and why?
I started painting with oils when I was 12 and now this is my favourite medium, I like how I can mix colours, create light and shade and when I am painting high in the mountains it retains fluidity even in the dry mountain air.

What experiences enabled you to develop your skills as an artist?
Life, training in architecture and traveling

What do you love most about being an artist?

Your favourite place to visit in London?
The River Thames

Best bit of advice you came across.
Go for it, what a Swiss mountain guide used to say to me when we were on a difficult pitch

Favourite way to unwind?
Hike or a climb in the mountains

What is the single most important thing art has given you?
Opening my eye’s to the world around me.

Number of hot drinks in a typical studio day?
Around 9 cups of coffee

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