M Morgan Jones

  • Entrances Primary Acrylic 46x63cms. £280
  • Rush Hour1 50x65cms Oil. £320
  • Primary Popup 1 30x24cms Acrylic. £60
  • Primary Popup 2 30x24cms Acrylic. £60
  • Meeting 50x40cms Oil. £260

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What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from odd things seen, often recorded digitally or with watercolours, and frequently replayed with memory and imagination. Then of course played with, experimented on with other mediums.

Who are your favourite artists and why?
Rembrandt for shear wonder at his expressive playful controls at that time, Richter no fear of change and control, and then Cy Twombley just wonder grabs me.

Is there a common theme to your work?
Memory and the open channel of individual movement always seem to appear, whatever controls I have in place, oh and the freedom to play expressively.

What is your favourite medium or artist’s tool to work with and why?
Watercolour especially in the summer for observations, then acrylic until I want some finesse when I turn to oils, but there is always a camera for reminders. As a core, memory and it’s abstracting element to lead me into imagination.

What do you think art offers society?
An escape into dream and imagination, a chance to see, interpret at an individual level.


Oil. £260


Primary Popup 2
Acrylic. £60


Primary Popup 1
Acrylic. £60


Rush Hour1
Oil. £320


Entrances Primary
46x63cms. £280

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