Kate Trafeli

Kate Trafeli

Organic shapes, balance and harmonious colour are the hallmark of
Kate’s semi-abstract paintings and mixed-media works. Many of her
works contain shapes and marks that could be viewed as archways,
doorways, mirrors and reflections: wonderwalls allowing a glimpse of
what lies beyond or within.

Kate’s work has been heavily influenced by her time and experience in
Europe and by classic modernists’ work and colour theory. She creates
large format pieces as well as in smaller contexts as displayed here.

Kate was educated in America and is British-American. After ten years
working and exhibiting in Italy she now works out of studios in North
London. Her work is held by private and corporate art collectors
throughout Europe and the United States.

Kate joined Skylark Galleries in May 2018 and is our Social Media Co-ordinator.

The Sound of Mystery, acrylic on canvas, 36.2 inches x 55.9 inches


Before You Go, acrylic on canvas, 70.8 inches x 51.2 inches



Sunrise Hill to Sea, acrylic on canvas, 15.7 inches x 11.8 inches



Passage, acrylic on canvas, Artisan framed. 11.8 inches x 15.7 inches


Winter Seventeen,  acrylic on canvas, 15.7 inches x 21.3 inches


Doors to Matisse, acrylic on canvas, 19.7 inches x 19.7 inches


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