Angelique Hartigan


London landmarks, landscapes and the imagined are narratives for Angelique’s expressive approach to painting.
Bold sweeps of the palate knife and brush, controlled drips, and spills give Angelique’s work its vibrant feel.
Angelique lives and works in Maldon, Essex.  She is inspired by the pretty town and the surrounding countryside which she shares daily and in all weathers with her dogs on inspirational walks.  Open skies, lakes, waterways, ebbing and flowing estuaries, wild and windy nature reserves, richly coloured salt marshes, dense woodland and open farmland are where themes of a sense of place and change influence Angelique’s practice.
 Originally from Crystal Palace, south London, Angelique still frequents London for inspiration and exhibits her work at key London events, including the Dulwich Open House in May each year. 
Angelique developed her unique trademark style by moving away from traditional easel painting to a more energetic technique that better reflects her personality. By laying the canvas on the floor, Angelique is able to move freely around all sides, working continuously, dripping, spilling and throwing paint on in layers, often while listening to music. The images build over time into majestic landscapes, park scenes, and city street views.
Angelique’s paintings are vibrant explosions of colour and movement. The constant changing seasons always offer new ways to see and explore places, and her paintings will often include the people that occupy them at any given point in time. Angelique will constantly search for different ways to see familiar places, such as buildings seen through trees, or from unexpected angles, all which reflect her experiences of living in London.
Angelique exhibits with Skylark Galleries at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea in October.

Golden Hill, acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 100cm,


Snowing at Sunrise, acrylic on canvas, 91cm x 76cm,
£1,500, SOLD

Strolling in Springtime III, acrylic on canvas, 91cm x 121cm,

£1,750 SOLD


Strolling in Springtime I, acrylic on canvas, 153cm x 121cm,

£3,250 SOLD


Autumn’s Calling, acrylic on canvas, 153cm x121 cm,


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