Phil Found – Featured Artist Skylark Galleries 2

Phil Found – Featured Artist Skylark Galleries 2

Our current Featured Artist at Skylark Galleries 2 is Phil Found and his show will run until 23rd November. Phil has recently joined Skylark Galleries and this is his first opportunity to exhibit a larger collection of his work with us.

Here, Phil speaks of his love of fossicking and creating his artwork:

‘I have always enjoyed a good fossick! The careful, systematic analysis of detritus. The thrill of finding something exceptional amongst the ordinary. The Thames foreshore at low tide is an ideal place for this pastime; clay pipe fragments, roman pottery, medieval roof tiles, Victorian pottery, animal bones, mobile phones… It’s all there!

Doodling with my found items I often grouped them according to form and texture rather than historical context or monetary value. I started housing arrangements in boxes constructed from recycled picture frames and creating either symmetrical patterns of items or 3 dimensional figurative arrangements. I also enjoy the decay and the role of chance! The softening, erosive effect of the action of the water; the fact that in time, they will all steadily disintegrate and disperse and that with shifting gravels and silts, items may be re-exposed after being hidden undisturbed for centuries.’

Phil will be at the Skylark Galleries 2, on the first floor of the Oxo Tower, on November 12th all day if you want to drop by and show him anything interesting that you may have found, or just want to have a chat about his work.



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