Phil Found artist

Phil Found artist

Phil Found artist

Phil Found’s new exhibition at Skylark Gallery 2 is entitled Summer Love. He builds further on his previous assemblages made from found objects fossicked and mudlarked on the beaches of River Thames taking his art to the next level!

an early eroded shard of combed Staffordshire slipware mimics the electrical activity of a skipped heartbeat as love is declared..

Can you identify the five animal teeth present in this composition? Honey Dew’s dress is a striking turquoise fragment of ancient iridescent glass collected from the Thames foreshore.. imagine their personal stories; how did they end up in the river?

The dark twins love unites their body and soul, their heads formed from avian pelvic bones and the moon a piece of K’nex construction kit..

Domstos! What would you bring to celebrate the love and commitment of a relationship? Again all these items were collected from the Thames foreshore, many just beneath Skylark Gallery 2 in Oxo Tower Warf with the easy access stairs to the beach at low tide..

Come along.. visit the exhibition, descend to the beach and see what you can find!

To ensure there is actually a beach to fossick, see the tide tables at


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