Paula Olley – Featured Artist Skylark 2

Paula Olley – Featured Artist Skylark 2

February 4-8 March 2020


Paula Olley is new to Skylark Galleries 2 and is a painter who mainly works with oils on canvas and pastel on paper to create sea and landscapes often with atmospheric skies. Her work varies in size from miniature studies to large scale pieces up to 2×3 metres. She is featured artist in Skylark 2 on the 1st floor of Oxo Tower Wharf from 4 February – 8 March 2020.

She says, “I really enjoy trying to capture some of the beauty I see in the world around me and also to portray some of the magic that is still alive in my memories.”

Paula is donating 25% of sale proceeds to charities helping out in Australia following catastrophic bushfires.

Paula Olley Featured Artist SG2

What’s your scariest experience?

An earthquake whilst I was in California during the 1980’s. It made realise just how minute, insignificant and truly unimportant we all are in the grand scheme of things…and how indiscriminate and unimaginably powerful the forces of nature are.

What are the stories behind two of the artworks you’ve chosen to appear here?

The Future: Unlike the landscapes that I usually paint, this style is quite different. It was inspired by a piece of poetry and events that where happening around me. It touches on death and new beginnings and is a very personal piece.

The Future – 
180cms x120 cms oil on canvas

Howard’s Beach: This was painted in a ‘one session all nighter’ – which I often find is the best time to be creative. I had great fun working on such a big sky!

Howard’s Beach – 152cms x 92cms oil on canvas 

I generally prefer not to explain the meanings my paintings have for me because ideally, I would like the viewer to go on their own journey.

What would be your dream project?

I stumbled across an urban street art project in Tenerife a few years ago by the duo of Spanish artists who call themselves PichiAvo. Their creations are a fusion of classical art and contemporary urban art. Watching them made me realise that I would love to collaborate on a project that incorporates different styles mixing them together to create something unique.

What is your favourite or most inspirational place?

Carrick Bay  on the south west coast of Scotland.

What wouldn’t you do without?

My imagination .

Paula Olley’s studio

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