Original Art for Sale – Spring Online Exhibition

Original Art for Sale – Spring Online Exhibition

Original art for sale in our spring online exhibition

Stunning original art for sale direct from our London artists. Buy art online in a variety of colours and styles. How do our artists stay positive in the face of uncertainty? They said that creating uplifting art, so you can buy art online, helps them feel good.

Abstract art paintings for positivity, buy art online,

  • Art and abstract art paintings (both making it and viewing it) lifts our spirits, and supports our mental health
  • Being in nature, even the local park, watching birds: creating bird art helps us to stay well in mind, body and spirit.
  • Spending time with animals & pets can help us to feel good,
  • Landscapes and seascapes can remind us of those great open spaces and places we love to visit. 
  • Playing music and dancing while creating original art for sale!
Alice goes Outside a painting by Nicolette Carter of a large girl in a tiny house opening the door to a beautiful landscape

“Alice goes Outside” by Nicolette Carter Acrylic on Canvas 20cm x20cm unframed £250

We love how this painting conveys the feeling of excitement and uncertainty when venturing out after a long time inside!

Our spring exhibition includes much original uplifting art for sale relating to spring, the beauty of nature, and going outdoors.

Narrative landscape art - Springfields with blossom trees

Narrative, figurative painter Nicolette Carter is based in Reading and has been a member of Skylark Galleries for many years.

Nicolette was recently featured on BBC’s Home is Where the Art Is  She won the first prize commission for a castle and then received many more commissions following that. Nico loves nature and often paints landscape art and floral art.

Portrait art - Just Chilling, Ischia, acrylic painting by Stella Tooth

Portrait artist Stella Tooth first visited the island of Ischia after reading Elena Ferrante’s book in which the island is featured. Sitting in a café overlooking a small, rocky beach, Stella found inspiration for this painting “Just Chilling” watching older, female friends sharing their cares, enjoying the ‘dolce fa niente’ of yet another sunny day. In their interaction she recognised the soothing power of just being by the sea. See more portrait art for sale online by Stella https://skylarkgalleriesshop.com/collections/stella-tooth

Figurative Ceramic Art celebrating women by Ruty Benjamini

“These works started with life drawing. I imprinted the images into clay and then added the towels using ceramic colour and glazes. 

These two unique pieces are about “emergence”; out of water, out of winter, out of isolation and restrictions, into spring and into hope for the future.”

Ceramic artist Ruty is based in South London and has been with Skylark for many years.

Buy art online https://skylarkgalleriesshop.com/collections/ruty-benjamini


Humorous Figurative Art - The Infectious Nature of Laughter

Figurative artist Jo Hodgen portrays two young friends sharing a joke together. When your laughter is reflected back to you in your friend’s face, you can find yourselves laughing and laughing until your cheeks ache.

We all know how “a good laugh” can be immensely up-lifting.


Textural Art - The arrival of spring lifts mind, body and spirit

Suddenly It’s Spring embossed collage by Gill Hickman

“Suddenly It’s Spring” by Gill Hickman textural art with 24k gold leaf £590 framed

Textural artist Gill captures that moment when the new vivid green leaves on the trees, announce that spring has arrived.

See more textural art to buy online https://skylarkgalleriesshop.com/collections/gill-hickman


Original prints for sale - The ocean - that magical liminal place.

During a visit to Ghana, West Africa, Corrine visited Labadi Beach near Accra. She took off her shoes and  stood at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. She recalls “it was breezy and warm, the sand was coarse and the waves quite powerful. The sand was drawn out with the waves leaving you slightly unsteady.”

Corrine later made this photo etching which captures that powerful feeling. It’s a very limited edition of only 6 prints at £75 each unframed. To purchase one of these prints please email Skylark 

Corrine was recently interviewed on Instagram Live, you can watch the interview here and learn more about her fascinating work.


Narrative art - Healing Power of Nature as used by the Shaman

Narrative artist Joel Sydenham says “This piece explores the idea of humanity being a mediator for the natural and spiritual world. In many indigenous cultures shamans are both medicinal and spiritual healers. They have an understanding of nature that allows them to find cures for various ailments. As a result they have a reverence for the natural world and see it as part of themselves and vice versa.”

See more artworks for sale online by Joel (also known as chidi3s) https://chidi3s.wordpress.com/

Textural Art - Science meets Art - Copper trapped in kiln-formed glass.

Textural artist and sculptor Eryka Isaak says, ‘I love the simultaneous complexity and simplicity of nature, the growing forwards and upwards of new shoots, new life, reaching for the sun. I also love the way that heating glass in the kiln activates the oxide colours of copper and surface variations in sheets of glass’

Find out more about Eryka’s amazing work in our blog & video about women in science


Original limited prints for sale - Sarah loves the details in nature.

Original prints for sale. Limited edition prints. Sarah’s linocut prints are inspired by the movement and rhythm of new shoots, grasses and new buds coming through the hedgerows. Sarah loves all the little details in nature, looking carefully at plant life in the countryside. Sarah hand mixes all her inks because colour is such a key factor in her work. Each impression is hand done and so varies slightly.

 Spring is such an inspiring time, with new life and renewal after the chill of wintertime, especially this year.


Abstract Landscape Painting - Pink Haze by Carol Edgar

Abstract Art for sale. Carol’s semi abstract paintings are loosely based on landscapes and places she has visited. She uses mixed media and sometimes collage to create her textural art for sale.

We love the soft dusty pinks of this one, reminiscent of heather in bloom.

Bird Art - Parakeets in Spring by Sarita Keeler

Uplifting bird art for sale. For lifting her spirits Sarita recommends we remember the restorative power of trees, forests and being out in nature. Even if we live in a town we can find some trees to look at, sit next to or maybe even to hug!

Figurative mixed media artist Sarita joined Skylark Galleries just before the first lockdown, she often uses textural art, mixed media and collage in her artworks for sale online.

Bird Art - Bird Watching from your window

Amanda has loved to paint birds since she was a child and a relative of hers, Philip Henry Gosse wrote a famous study of British Ornithology in 1883. Amanda’s favourite media for her detailed studies are gouache paint and colour pencil on watercolour paper.

Amanda has recently started writing a monthly blog for Skylark about nature using the pen-name Wild Thing.

Click here to read her latest blog “Spring Marches In”  and see original art for sale.


Uplifting Floral Art - A message of hope

Art photographer Michael Frank says, “When the prunus in my garden starts to blossom I know that from now on things will slowly get better.”

Over the lockdown period Michael focused on his home and garden for his artistic inspiration. See more photographic art for sale https://skylarkgalleriesshop.com/collections/michael-frank

Sculptural Bird Art - Spring Birds by Vivien Phelan

Figurative ceramic art for sale. This quirky sculptural piece consisting of five birds on a branch combines ceramic sculptures with mixed media. This original piece can be displayed outside. 

Vivien also creates figurative portraits in ceramic to commission.  See examples on her website: https://www.ceramicandglass.co.uk/galleries

Uplifting Abstract Art Painting - Under Your Wing

Abstract cityscape artist Sara Sherwood says “This painting of London is about being under the protection of God. It is about feeling safe, letting the light in and being under the wing of Christ. This original artwork also captures the emotion of a hug or of sleeping on a loved one’s shoulder. A feeling of security leads to feeling uplifted. London is depicted here safe and sound.”

The original art for sale is available https://www.sarasherwood.co.uk/


Floral Art for Sale - Magnolias in Bloom

Floral art for sale online. The magnificence of magnolias in bloom. An uplifting sight and a sure sign of spring.
Claire has created a powerful portrait of these noble harbingers of spring. Original art for sale.

Portrait art and animal portraits to commission. As well as florals, Claire is known for her human and animal portraits, and has painted live at both Crufts and Ascot.

Floral Art for Sale - Welcome Spring by Smita Sonthalia

Floral art direct from the artist 

‘The spring of love becomes hidden and soon filled up’
This painting is inspired by nature and it’s beauty. Let’s welcome spring by slowly opening our window and looking around , how beautiful it is.

Figurative artist Smita presents many more samples of art for sale online at her website: https://smitasonthalia.com/



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