Orange and Red – textured paintings by Gill Hickman

Orange and Red – textured paintings by Gill Hickman

The Spaces in Between

The Spaces in Between – Mixed media and gold leaf on canvas – 75 x 100 cm





Gill Hickman is the latest Featured Artist at Skylark Galleries 2 in Oxo Tower Wharf and “Orange and Red” is the title of her exhibition. On display is a collection of highly textured canvases painted in bright, hot oranges and reds.

The paintings; including canvases from 10 x 10 cm up to 75 x 100 cm share a common format of highly textured rounded shapes set against plain coloured backgrounds. What was the inspiration the viewer wonders? planets or stars,? Beaches? Islands? Cells magnified thousands of times? Or may be it’s all of these.

In February 2016 Hickman re-visited Zimbabwe after 24 years and rediscovered a powerful personal and artistic connection with the landscape, biology and geology of the Matobo National Park, south of Bulawayo.

There she was struck once more by the amazing texture, shape and colour of the granite rocks that cover the area. She also made a powerful realization that this landscape had subconsciously informed many of her textured paintings.

At the time of her first visit to Matopos Zimbabwe, in 1988, Gill was a head teacher not a practicing artist, and these impressions and textures remained within her, emerging subliminally in her work several years later when she gave up full time teaching to turn to art.

Gill will give an illustrated talk about her inspirations from Zimbabwe at the gallery on Tuesday 12th April at 7pm

The exhibition continues until Sun 24th April 2016.


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