Nicolette Carter artist

Nicolette Carter artist

Spring Fields by Nicolette Carter

Spring Fields by Nicolette Carter

Spring Fields’ is the latest in Nicolette’s series of ‘Garden Town’ paintings. These paintings are strongly influenced by moving to live on the Oxfordshire/ Berkshire border after living in South London for nearly twenty years. They also reference time spent in the West Country and at the South coast.

Nicolette says: “Having grown up in the Surrey countryside, returning to a rural environment, felt like a home-coming”.

Garden City by Nicolette Carter

Garden City by Nicolette Carter

The Garden Town paintings celebrate this experience and depict a fusion of real and imaginary places. The different houses in the paintings are personifications of the characters that might live in them. Birds, animals, plants, and trees are also strong themes.

Nicolette: “The images evolve and change as the elements of colour, pattern and rhythm resolve themselves into the completed composition. Sometimes several hues of the same colour family are layered to produce intense colour. I often work on a dark ground, to make the colours glow. I am interested in flattened perspective as opposed to, linear, vanishing point perspective.”

Nicolette has studied the cross-cultural influences of Asian and British applied arts in the 18th and 19th centuries and this has influenced her move away from Western-European forms of painting, towards a flattened, schematic style, in which the elements of pattern, colour, and rhythm are key.

Nicolette: “My influences include, medieval art, Mughal painting, and decorative arts from many cultures. Although I enjoy using colour and pattern as surface decoration, there are always poetic, narrative and spiritual elements in my work. This lends a meditative element to the paintings, as the viewer is free to interpret and explore the images as they wish. In the same way that reading a poem may evoke different responses from different people”.

Nicolette will be at Skylark Gallery on Sunday 7th May 2017 if you would like to meet the artist and talk about her work.

The other original paintings in the Garden Series have been sold, previously, but limited edition, signed prints in A1, A2, A3 and A1 size can be made to order.

Other Paintings by Nicolette are available at Skylark Gallery 1 Gabriel’s Wharf.

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