Nick Kobyluch talks about his art

Nick Kobyluch talks about his art

Nick Kobyluch

Nick joined Skylark Galleries in 2016.  He sees himself as a line artist and is inspired by the urban environment.

What jobs have you done other than…?

After Art College I worked as an Illustrator, mainly in the editorial and advertising. However when the kids came along I became a full time Dad and the illustration work took a back seat – but with the intention that I’d pick it up again once time allowed. But time had other ideas and when I eventually did go back I found that both I and the industry had moved on, and a combination of fewer working opportunities due to evolving technologies (combined with falling pay rates!) and declining enthusiasm on my part proved to be the end of that career path! So I just went back to drawing for myself.

Bankside Beach

Is the artistic life lonely?

I find it suits me, I prefer to work on my own and not have to worry about debating or compromising – it’s my mess I own it. However it is nice to be involved with a collective like Skylark and have other Artists to touch base with.

What research do you do?

For my drawings it tends to be sketches or (bad) photos that I make/take whenever something catches my eye. Other than that it’s looking at how other artists make marks. I think of Art as a personal language – one that should develop and become richer over time – the ultimate aim is to surprise myself!

Salts Mill

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Actually not too many! Not that people don’t like my work or equally don’t dislike it – but that generally people are very polite. If they like it they are enthusiastic and kind and in my experience if they don’t they’re kind enough not to pass remark. That said, I’m always a little flattered  when people ask to buy a sketchbook (which aren’t for sale incidentally) with all it’s varied images and scribbles!

Ally Pally

Professionally what’s your goal?

I have to confess to being a man without a plan!

What wouldn’t you do without?

Art wise – paper and something to make a line with. Life wise – I do always carry a fresh handkerchief.


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