New Shoots – Winter Exhibition

New Shoots – Winter Exhibition

Exploring Wintry themes in Art.

We asked our Skylark artists to share any wintry artworks they have created for our latest online exhibition.

Chilled a wintry oil painting on canvas by Claire Thorogood of two sparrows perched on a bare branch
by Claire Thorogood Acrylic on canvas 50 x 61cm in white tray frame £1,200

Paintings by Claire Thorogood

Accomplished painter Claire Thorogood is based in North London. She loves to paint landscapes and florals, and is also well known for her animal portraits and has painted live at both Crufts and at Royal Ascot.

Mountain scenes and Snowy London scenes by Mark Lodge

Each summer Mark travels to Switzerland to paint the mountains, and in the winter he paints in his London studio.

A Walk in the Woods

oil on canvas by Jo Hodgen

Moonlight by Helen Trevisiol Duff

A hand embellished giclee print of an original painting.

Polar Bear by Stella Tooth

A sensitive pencil drawing  of a young polar bear cub, safely guarded by its mother.

Me Myself and I by Wilf Frost

Who is this figure sitting in the wintry tree? What is he doing there?

A photo and the painting inspired by it

Memories of a Christmas holiday in Iceland by Myrel Morgan Jones.

“A loud wow was shouted from the door and we all rushed, the light was unbelievable, I have naturally been inventive with it, can’t be helped really!”


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