Mix colours with landscape artist Zsuzsanna Pataki

Mix colours with landscape artist Zsuzsanna Pataki

If you’ve been enjoying taking the first steps to creating your own art during lockdown, then you might like to check out Skylark Gallery landscape artist Zsuzsanna Pataki‘s You Tube video on how to mix colours in acrylic paint for beginners.



In this video Zsuzaanna explains how to mix paint without going through a zillion hues. Using non primary colours, specifically for autumn, she shows you how to establish a simple, limited palette, that gives you all the colours you need you create a coherent picture.

Landscape artist Zsuzsanna Pataki is a visual storyteller: an award-winning cityscape artist (2016 Kent Open), industrial colorist, with an eye for colour and beauty in unexpected places.

Zsuzsanna captures the atmosphere of a place with a quick hand. She moves from liquid translucent washes thrown with precision to thick layers of broken colours worked with the palette knife; metallic finishes of gold and silver introduce a further dimension of constantly changing reflected lights. Zsuzsanna invites the viewer to take part in the creative experience, which is thus shared between the painter-storyteller and viewer-protagonist.

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