Memories of Summer Meadows with Shyama Ruffell

Memories of Summer Meadows with Shyama Ruffell

“I am fascinated by unrefined, wind blown hedgerows, pathways, and tousled untamed fragments of land. The way the light peeps and twinkles through the tangled stems, grasses and seedpods, constantly creating random patterns.”

Inspired by memories of summer meadows in Sussex, Shyama’s paintings are a highly decorative and patterned exploration with a semi-abstract edge. Made using layers of patterned areas, overpainted and abstracted with colours, textures and line, leaving glimpses of the areas underneath partially showing, peeping through the undergrowth.

This is her first time as Featured Artist and we can look forward to a wonderful bouquet of colour & texture.

Shyama will be Featured Artist in Skylark Galleries 1 from 7th – 27th November and you can meet Shyama at the gallery on Monday November 14th


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