Light and dark in Skylark Galleries’ original artwork

Light and dark in Skylark Galleries’ original artwork

Autumn is a transitional season where we move from the long days of Summer into the short days of Winter. Each week we lose 15 minutes of daylight until the Winter solstice, just before Christmas.

So it is fitting that Scottish artist, Linda Samson, writes here about light and darkness in art, referencing the original artwork of many Skylark artists.

What is light?

In non-scientific terms, the definition of light is the medium of illumination which makes sight possible. Our light comes from the sun bringing us clarity and warmth. The opposite of light is dark which is cold and still brings a residue from ancient times of the unknown. 

How it is used in art

These states of light and dark, warm and cool, are used very effectively in art through contrasting tones and intensity of colour to evoke an emotional response in the onlooker.

For example, In Carol Edgar’s landscape, Scarlet Ochre and White, the contrast between light and dark surfaces of textured paint create a feeling of wildness and solitude, being open to the elements of mist, wind and rain. 

Scarlet, Ochre, White acrylic painting by London abstract painter Carol Edgar
by Carol Edgar acrylic painting 19x18cm, 35.5×35.5cm mounted £95 plus p&p

In Little House by Sarita Keeler, light and dark forms are used to contrast the vastness of nature around the tiny, almost defenceless man-made dwelling.

Little House by Sarita Keeler
by Sarita Keeler Mixed Media 50 x 50 cms, thin edged canvas £120

In Sarah Knight’s Landscape in Inchyra the swirling light and dark forms evoke the power of the sea.

Landscape in Inchyra by semi-abstract seascape artist Sarah Knight
by Sarah Knight Original oil+pencil 20x20cm SOLD

Intensity and simplicity of colours deftly used in Gill Hickman’s luminous red and gold embossed abstract Toward the One, now sold, a pure definition of sunlight. Its sister artwork Zen is still for sale. Gill sees the two pieces like a breath in and a breath out.

In Sara Sherwood’s Polar Paws Sky, brilliant colours electrify the sky and the riverside city below.

Polar Paws Sky is available in paper and canvas print format. Prices start at £199 for a large 51x102cm paper print. Sara also hand embellishes both options. In addition, she can also subtly use gold leaf or diamonds to give an extra little sparkle of light.  Although the original artwork is sold, Sara can create similar art to order on commission. For more information please visit

Blue cityscape of London
Cityscape of London. Hand embellished canvas print Polar Paws Sky by Sara Sherwood

In Nicolette Carter’s Starburst Lullaby colour is used to define the beautiful, decorative forms of an imaginary world.

Starburst Lullaby acrylic painting on canvas by Nicolette Carter
by Nicolette Carter acrylic on canvas

In Linda Samson’s ceramic Blue on Blue, the bright sun shining in a dark sky gives a sense of the surreal.

Blue on blue by Linda Samson

As autumn arrives and the lamps are lit against the early dusk and the dark forces lurking in the night, some seated on armchairs, take a look at Wilf Frost’s Sashimi.

Sashimi by figurative artist Wilf Frost London oil on canvas
by Wilf Frost oil on canvas 76x112cm £650

Colour and light are provided by images of children, musicians and dancers bringing fun and laughter – Slow as a Snail by Viv Phelan, Jo Hogden’s We Two Dancing and last, but not least, the cartwheeling figures in Stella Tooth’s Ariel Ballet performing to the music of the guitarists in her Dodgy at the Half Moon, Putney.

Slow as a snail by Vivien Phelan Ceramic Stoneware Artist
by Vivien Phelan Stoneware ceramic, 34cm heigh, 19cm wide, weight 2kg, price £295.00
We Two Dancing thick textured Oil Painting by London figurative Artist Jo Hodgen
by Jo Hodgen 15x15x3cm oil on canvas stretcher £85

I hope this little trawl through the Skylark website will entice you to explore the site more closely and shine a light on the artwork you’ve been searching for this autumn.

Happy Halloween!


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