Kit Boyd: new at Skylark 2

We’re glad to announce that London-based artist Kit Boyd is the latest arrival at Skylark Galleries. Kit works from a studio close to the Oxo Tower venue where his work is now on display. Kit grew up in Warwickshire and studied visual art at Aberystwyth University. He is still inspired by the landscapes of mid Wales, which he visits regularly. He works in the British romantic tradition and has a strong affinity with the neo-romantic artists of the 1940s.

The Neo Romantic

He works in a variety of media including painting, collage and photography, and in 2011 he moved into printmaking, a logical step following a period of producing detailed pen and ink drawings that were often mistaken for engravings.

His recent etchings have paid homage to Samuel Palmer, in which he portrays a seemingly idealised ancient vision of the countryside. However, Palmer’s shepherd is replaced by a figure using modern technology, such as in the Man on a Laptop series (below), and the bucolic idyll may harbour a power station or wind farm in the distance. His preoccupation with landscape is often entwined with environmental concerns.

Kit says: “I am delighted to join Skylark Galleries and show my work in the Oxo Tower. For many years I worked for the Campaign to Protect Rural England on Southwark Street and was a regular visitor to both galleries, so to have the opportunity to show at Skylark 2 is a real pleasure.”

Man on a Laptop

Kit shows regularly in London and has been selected for the National Open and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. In 2011 he won the People’s Choice Award in the Rootstein Hopkins Draw More exhibition. In 2009 he created the Brixton Village Gallery at Brixton Village as the first pop-up shop in association with Spacemakers to regenerate the now blossoming market. He has a one-person show at the Pavilion Café in Dulwich Park in May 2012 as part of the Dulwich Festival. Check back here for more information.

Find out more about Kit’s work at his website:


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