Joys of Spring Fields with Nicolette Carter

Joys of Spring Fields with Nicolette Carter

Nicolette Carter shows a selection of her uplifting rural scenes, full of rich detail colour and harmony; lyrical trees against starry skies, foxes lurking in idyllic curved patterned fields which stretch away to the horizon.

The centrepiece “Spring Fields” at 75 cm square is a delight to behold. In layers of gentle pinks & fresh greens, one can almost smell the fragrant blossom, hear the birdsong & sense the fresh energy of springtime.

Nicolette also revels in capturing the secrets of the night-time garden. In these studies she starts with a dark background then works in layers of deep rich colour glazes to build the detailed forms of plants and animals.

Nicolette’s work can be found in Skylark Galleries 1 in Gabriel’s Wharf.


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