It’s Christ-m-a-s – at Skylark Galleries!

It’s Christ-m-a-s – at Skylark Galleries!

It’s already mid November – the time of year when we artists at the Skylark collective gather together the art we’ve been beavering away on in our studios and head for our respective Southbank galleries for the annual Christmas exhibition ‘hang’.

This year we have been inspired by the festive colour theme of white and gold for our ceramics, paintings and drawings.

So if you want to give someone special in your life, a truly unique gift that has been crafted by hand, look no further.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the works that will be on show. And a little bird tells me that the finishing touches are being put to a rather special work will be on display in Skylark Galleries 1 – a ceramic nativity scene by Vivien Phelan! So, if you’re planning your tour of special Christmas windows, from Selfridges to Fortnum and Mason and Harrods, Skylark Galleries 1 should be added to your list!

Gill Hickman’s Party! £250 SG2
Trinidad Ball’s Winter Story II £400 SG2
Will Frost’s Chris-dingle £100 SG1
Linda Samson’s Ballet Russe £175
Stella Tooth’s Robin Redbreast £75
Ruty Benjamin Ceramic shells £80 each
Myrel Morgan Jones Historic Entrances 51x40cm £280
Skylark Galleries 2
Skylark Galleries 2
Skylark Galleries 1 Christmas show by starlight
SG1 Christmas show


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