Ex journalist turned portrait and musician artist Stella Tooth writes for ‘Nub News’ on Music in lockdown

Ex journalist turned portrait and musician artist Stella Tooth writes for ‘Nub News’ on Music in lockdown

Meet the artist: Stella Tooth changed careers three times. She started out as a print journalist and worked for nearly 20 years as a senior broadcast news PR for BBC and Sky News. In 2010, she retrained as a portrait artist at The Heatherley School of Fine Art in Chelsea.

Her career path has focused on her telling other’s stories in both words and picture and this informs her art, which lies in the British figurative art tradition.

Art and soul blog

She recently began writing a monthly blog for Skylark Galleries under the Art & Soul pen-name about portrait and musician art. Her blog forms part of a series of blogs she edits for us. These cover colour in art (The Colourist Helen Trevisiol-Duff), nature (Wild Thing Amanda Gosse), ceramic art (The Ceramicist Vivien Phelan) and art and time (The Shape of Time Anna Kriger).

‘Nub News’ contributor

And now she will be writing monthly for hyper local online ‘Nub News’ newspaper about music and art in London.

The features will be seen through the prism of her career as a portrait artist and as Resident Artist at iconic music venue the Half Moon Putney. And the articles will also often be illustrated with her own art.

Music in lockdown

Her March contribution to Nub News is now available online. It looks at the effect of lockdown on the live music industry, through the lens of the Half Moon Putney, where her art is on its walls. If you would like to read it, please click here.

Half Moon Putney drawing by Stella Tooth

Lockdown restrictions and the arts industry

The creative industries in general – from music to visual arts to acting, comedy and dance etc – are largely staffed by freelancers. As a result, many have been seriously affected by lockdown restrictions.

In fact, Skylark Galleries itself is an art collective that is adapting to these changing times. It is pooling its resources and artists are giving freely of their time during the epidemic to pioneer an online gallery and keep open a physical gallery on London’s South bank where, unusually, all profits go to the artists.

Skylark Galleries shop window
Skylark Galleries shop window

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