Corrine Edwards – Sadly missed

Corrine Edwards – Sadly missed

Sad News

Sad News

We are very sad to share that on 4th September our fellow artist Corrine Edwards passed away after a short illness. Her family were with her. We are all so shocked at how suddenly it happened, it is hard to believe.

Corrine joined Skylark Galleries in March 2018. She was only with us a short while but she made a huge impact on the whole collective.

Corrine and Skylark

At her interview she said “I’ve been meaning to apply for the last 20 years!” Her humour, cheekiness and her amazing creativity really struck us.

Corrine was a very active and well loved member of our group. Living near the gallery she was always popping in to chat with the artist on shift, and she is sorely missed every day.

Corrine was very friendly and outgoing, and did everything she could to promote the galleries, giving out flyers and encouraging random strangers to visit. She joined our publicity team and made many promotional videos of “guided tours” of the gallery. Many of these can still be seen online of course.

Corrine’s Artwork

Corrine was interviewed by our artist Joel Sydenham on our Instagram Live where she talks about her work

Much of her work was inspired by bees and for World Bee Day we made a special issue of our newsletter featuring much of Corrine’s work and a photo of Corrine in her bee suit.

Here is a link to that newsletter;[UNIQID]

Corrine was a prolific artist and over the years had created an enormous range of diverse of artworks; including ceramics, prints and jewellery.

Always hoping that they would find new homes, she signed up for whatever exhibiting opportunities were available; she exhibited with us in Skylark 1 – Gabriel’s Wharf, Skylark 2 – Oxo Tower Wharf, in our big Summer Exhibition in the gallery@oxo and our pop-up show at Burgh House in Hampstead.

We have some of Corrine’s work in a window display in her memory in our gallery in Gabriel’s Wharf until October 1st

She was such a warm, kind-hearted and creative person with so much more to life to live.

Rest in peace, dear Corrine. We miss you.


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