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Paulie X

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Paulie X Profile Page Image

Paulie X is a British-Nigerian, self-taught mixed media artist based in London. He specialises in portraiture, figurative art and symbolism.

From the age of six Paulie began to use art to express himself and now chooses art as a way to express feelings and thoughts where words may fail or fall short.

Paulie uses his art as a means to start important conversations… conversations about key societal issues such as racism, classism, misogyny, feminism, and the ongoing human inflicted climate disaster.

Also about identity, humanity and what really makes us “Us”.

Paulie loves to explore new media and to try new methods of drawing and painting, and over the years, he has developed several highly distinct art styles ranging from the hyperrealism of his earlier works (Malcolm X diptych) to his modern more fluid, minimalistic mixed-media style (Bas-Kee-At).

“I may be well spoken and yet not always have the right words
to express my thoughts and feelings
this is why I draw,
this is why I paint”. Paulie X

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