Colin Pearce Photography – Restrospective 2008-18

Colin Pearce Photography – Restrospective 2008-18

Colin Pearce Photography – Retrospective 2008-18

A show titled Retrospective 2008-18 opened in May at Skylark Galleries in London for a three week run.

It covered the breadth of the Photographers career to date including early works focusing on landscape in a stark, natural and surreal state with Ghost ( 2009 ), Earth ( 2010 ) and The Mind’s Eye ( 2011 ), the highly provocative mid works including The Little Death ( 2011 ) and Private View ( 2011 ), the haunting flora of Choir ( 2013 ) the intense digital world of Have you ever retired a Human? ( 2015 ) and finally, the perception changing blood lolly that is Marc Quinn Summer ( 2016 ).

As part of the exhibition visitors were able to explore how the threads of the Photographers creative vision join and weave to create a thought provoking and questioning journey of self-discovery.

The show included brand new editions produced especially for this retrospective including large metal framed editions of Choir and Ghost printed on the new beautifully textured Canson Aquarelle Rag paper.

If you are new to seeing the Colin Pearce photography work on show,  visit Skylark Galleries. All work is on sale.


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