My inspiration is drawn from natural observation and, though the subject matter is varied, there are recurring themes around plant-forms, landscapes and seascapes. I work towards capturing the ‘essence’ of my chosen subject through the use of colour, texture, multiple layering, fine line and broad gestural brush strokes.The landscapes, for instance, are rarely representative of specific places, but are more a response to a memory or amalgam of memories of atmospheres, colours and formations of the various surroundings that have inspired me. Collaged papers, acrylic mediums, stencilling and carborundum are often used as a starting point in my paintings and a means of loosening up my approach.

WHO AM I/WHAT DO I DO?…..I have always enjoyed creativity and prior to discovering my love of painting, its spontaneity and directness, I spent many years as a printmaker, also dabbling in batik, jewellery making and leatherwork at various times of my life… I paint in Acrylic and, to a lesser extent, in watercolour and am interested in the surface and also hidden textures, marks and formations to be found and imagined in both urban and rural landscapes especially those of Cumbria and Cornwall. I often use collage and collected textures and materials as a starting point in my work…..

HOW HAS MY PRACTICE CHANGED?….. my practice is constantly changing and evolving in response to those environments/ experiences that have inspired me…

SCARIEST MOMENT?…Discovering I have no head for heights whilst half way up Fleetwith Pike in Cumbria accompanied by a lame dog (who wasn’t in the least bit scared!)

JOBS?…….I have spent much of my salaried working life in the voluntary sector providing administrative support within residential mental health and alcohol rehabilitation projects.  I loved this work but was happy to become part time about 15 years ago to provide a good balance with my artwork (at that time printmaking)….. I am now in the position of being able to paint full time but find that I was much more productive when I had a lot less of it!

RESEARCH?……. Lots and lots of exhibitions…..

WHAT CAN I NOT DO WITHOUT!…… My paints and, if they are not available, my IPad and ‘Procreate’ painting app which is brilliant!


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