The Best Inkjet and Laser Printers For Every Budget

The Best Inkjet and Laser Printers For Every Budget

Cards, essays, past papers, coupons and even last-minute directions to a party- anything you may need to print, the best printer for home use surely comes in handy for this. However, choosing the best printer for a home in India use can be difficult considering the plethora of options available in the market. In addition to this, printers have labyrinthine terms which only adds to the complications of this process.

Keeping this mind, we have assembled together a quick and easy guide on deciding the ideal printer for your home use along with basic descriptions of usual terms and even mention the best printer with scanner in India use at the end of this guide which will be beneficial to most of the users.

As technology starts to advance, the wireless and mobile realms strive to improve and enhance further. There used to be days where households had huge wires which connect to many devices including both computers and printers. In addition, printers never seemed to have a popular opinion amongst the crowd.

Even so, office printers have received opinions such as getting paper jams and home printers had a reputation of refilling ink cartridges despite its small usage for printing few materials only.

However, since the printer industry started to get outdated for home purposes, there had been significant technological changes that have been implemented for printers along with specific intentions, which are why it is still being used today.

Yes, these units can be used to print basic reports for school and other simple needs but the capability to print high detailed photos and graphics which current printers have along with the modifications made to the wireless and cloud printing systems proves all the more of a reason to own a home printer.

Ricoh SP213w printer

If you need to churn out pages of text from your home office, then a mono laser printer is the practical and economic answer. This relatively small and affordable model from Ricoh requires little room and it can be relied on to deliver consistently polished monochrome pages while going easy on the consumables. It’s a solid low-profile machine with simple top-mounted controls for easy operation.

HP Envy 5055 (5010 in the UK) printer

This humble all-in-one can scan and copy, but its real strength is in printing photos. Frustratingly, there’s no Ethernet port, nor a USB port for printing from a flash drive and it churns very slowly, but the results are surprisingly good for such an affordable inkjet. The supplied starter cartridges are rather light on ink, but if you replace them with high-capacity carts, then the running cost is competitive too.

Epson WF-2830

Epson has one of the more nicely equipped printers on the market. And with a sale on Amazon, you can get it for a great price. Epson’s WF-2830 touts its fast-printing capabilities, which allows you to print 10.3 pages per minute in black or 4.5 pages per minute in color. Epson calls the printer “laser-quality,” but it actually uses ink technology.

The Epson printer is completely wireless, which means you can print from your computer or smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection. But if you want to print, scan, copy or fax from the unit, you can simply use the buttons on the device to choose your preferred function and print.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

If you’re in the market for an HP machine, but want something higher-end than what you can get from the HP OfficeJet 5255, consider the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015. HP’s machine comes with all of the features you’d expect, including the option to scan, print, fax, and copy, and offers the ability to print 22 pages per minute. Better yet, the printer offers two-sided copying and scanning, and a 35-page automatic document feeder.


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