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Police Dog Hogan's Eddie Bishop playing on fiddle at the Half Moon Putney by Stella Tooth

Togetherness – SG artist joins call for action to protect the UK’s live music industry

Stella Tooth, Resident Artist at the Half Moon Putney, and Music Manger Nina Jackson today joined 1,500 acts and bands – including The Stones, Paul McCartney and Dua Lipa – …

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original art


Welcome to our new "Online Exhibitions Page" We are still working out how exactly we will use it, so please bear with us as things evolve and let us know ...
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Rainbows Everywhere by Sara Sherwood Cityscape

Rainbows Everywhere by Sara Sherwood

At a time when people have taken to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Skylark Galleries artist Sara Sherwood’s hand painted print ‘Rainbows Everywhere’ offers a …

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Gill Hickman - Skylark Galleries Artist and Director

20 years on London’s South Bank, with Skylark Galleries

Gill Hickman has been the beating heart of Skylark Galleries as its Director for the past two decades. She has assembled a group of 30 artists in the art collective, …

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Skylark Galleries Artist stella tooth home studio and art demonstration

A glimpse inside the home studio of Skylark Galleries artist Stella Tooth

To find out more about Stella Tooth’s impactful portraiture and performer art, take a look at this short video.

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Lockdown art by Heather Tobias

Lockdown Art

Lockdown has affected Skylark artists in many different ways. Some have found it liberating, and a good excuse to try out different ways of making art. Others have found it ...
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Black Lives Matter by Political Art, Helen Trevisol-Duff

Black lives matter

One of our artists Helen’s Trevisol Duff’s created this powerful mixed media piece in reaction to the George Floyd murder, to express solidarity in support of change. Helen says, “Tonight …

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Ruty Benjamini Skylark Galleries Artist Ceramicist

Ruty Benjamini – rediscovering the ancient technique of coiling in lockdown

Israeli born ceramic artist Ruty Benjamini loves coiling pots, but she doesn’t do it often. She’s lucky to have her studio in her garden, so lockdown is allowing her more …

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Behind closed doors

Sara Sherwood this week has offered a rare opportunity to take art lovers “behind closed doors” and into her home studio to see how she creates her vibrant and magical cityscape …

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The birth of a painting

 Skylark Galleries’ Zsuzsanna Pataki has filmed a guided video tour of how great inspiration turns into a massive artwork, drop by drop until it is larger than life and keeps blooming, …

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