Artist Sarah Knight interviewed by Nub News on collective’s experience during lockdown

Artist Sarah Knight interviewed by Nub News on collective’s experience during lockdown

Meet the artist: leaseholder and west London-based artist Sarah Knight has spoken to hyper local online newspaper Ealing Nub News about the experience of Skylark Galleries’ art collective during lockdown.

Sarah Knight in Skylark Galleries which reopens its doors once again on 12 April

Alongside accounts by the heads of the Borough of Ealing Art Trail and Open Ealing, two other organisations badly affected by pandemic restrictions, Sarah talks about the challenges Skylark Galleries faced a year ago when it looked like the art collective would have to close both its galleries and not reopen. 

Sarah says Zoom, which many artists had never heard of before, brought the group together: “From our many front rooms, kitchens, sheds and studios across London we talked about how to keep our group going. Each week we would meet virtually and this process began to affirm…the sense of community between the 30+ artist members. Our collaboration, our differences, our strengths and weaknesses was a ‘whole’ that was greater than each part and worth fighting for.”

Members of the Skylark Galleries art collective providing much-needed camaraderie

With grant funds secured the group came a decision to shut one gallery but to keep the other open.

Skylark Galleries in Gabriel’s Wharf on London’s South Bank

It also took the decision to revamp its website and build an online shop.  

Skylark Galleries online shop developed during lockdown

To read the FULL interview, where Sarah explains about Skylark’s “rollercoaster” ride, click here.

The interview is conducted by Skylark Galleries artist and Nub News contributor Stella Tooth who writes about art and music through the prism of her own experience and the experience of the organisations to which she belongs.


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