A conversation with Colin Pearce

A conversation with Colin Pearce

Skylark Galleries Blog in a conversation with Colin Pearce London Based Photographer


‘A Life less ordinary’

SGB. Colin Pearce, please tell us something about yourself.

CP. I am a voyeur. As the definition states “one who looks”. My obsession is with the detail, the mundane and the juxtaposition of texture and tone.


SGB. Does that affect the way you produce your art?

CP. The way we treat each other and nature are at the heart of my work.

In London, we are both the Voyeur and the focus of others attention. How we look, behavior, and follow others is logged and recorded.

SGB. So does your photography reflect personal experience?

CP. Each work has traces of my own life, my joy, my sorrow and my hope. It questions our own future and that of our world. It exposes our perceptions, beliefs and questions social behaviours and patterns.


SGB. But you are reaching into new territory as well?

 CP. The work is highly personal, organic and experimental by design. It is a response, a second in time expressing the way my mind processes information, feelings and emotion.

SGB. Do you feel restrained by convention at all?

CP. As an Artist I am totally free. I produce work for my own need to understand the world I live in, my surroundings and the impact that relationships with both the human and natural worlds have on me.


SGB. How does this sit within the history of photography?

CP. My creative vision of Raw pushes the boundaries of modern photography putting me at the forefront of contemporary Art. My unique style confronts the viewer with work that is provocative, thought provoking and unafraid to stand alone.


SGB. And how does the photography art world react to this?

CP. My work has caught the eye of Curators for campaign work resulting in publication in the Royal Academy of Arts magazine. I have exhibited at major Art Fairs in such prestigious areas as Chelsea and Pall Mall and since 2011 have been an Artist at Skylark Galleries 2 in OXO Tower Wharf on the South Bank with work on permanent display.


SGB. And what is the reaction of other art lovers among the general public?

CP My Photography hangs in private collections in locations including London, Italy and the USA. Most recently, it has been purchased by the CEO / Chief Architect of a major Interior Design Studio in Milan for their forthcoming project.


SGB. Thank you Colin Pearce.


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