Kate Pellegrini

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Kate Pellegrini makes abstract landscapes and Asemic artwork informed by her architectural training.

 The work is mixed media and relies heavily on drawing. All her work is interested in perception, and how our natural bias focuses on either the subject or the surrounding space when we respond to the physical world. The result is the dialogue between these two ways of seeing a given view.

She loves reading and is very interested in poetry and literature, not as some high artform beyond our comprehension, but as a natural expression of sound and our very human breath, with a clear, concise meaning about the human condition.

She draws from views of her travels in the UK and Europe, and more recently capturing her native Australia. She has also started producing ‘Asemic’ art, which incorporates the written word into visual imagery, although the writing is deliberately hard to read. This opens up many permutations on a given subject, varying in colour, marks and the way the words are drawn. It has become her new signature. A transcription of the text can be sent to customers following their emailed request.