Skylark Galleries Artists

Dutton Sisters


Our story united and individually in our roles: as artists, mothers partners, friends, members of our community
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Cat on Fence by Colin Ruffell


If you like making art you might want to progress from hobby artist to professional artist.
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The making of Lovers on Horse

Have a look at the making of Abeer Elkhatebs sculpture [Lovers on Horse] which is on display at Skylark Galleries 2

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Five Chinese Elements by Gill Hickman

Qigong, Meditation, and Bumpy Paper!

Some art is really complicated and other art is really simple.
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Kathleen Dutton – Urban Angels – Featured Artist event

From the 21rst Dec until 11th Jan, Kathy Dutton’s ‘Urban Angels’ show will be at Skylark Galleries 1, Gabriel’s Wharf.  Kathy has described her Featured Artist event as being ‘…something very festive …

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Christmas at Skylark Galleries….looking for a unique gift?

Skylark Galleries London has Christmas all wrapped up this festive season. Across our two Skylark Galleries in the heart of Southbank, one of London’s cultural hot-spots, you can discover an …

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Southbank Festival of Creativity 2015 to launch Sky Lark Arts

Angie Brew and two of our artists at Skylark Galleries, The Dutton sisters –  Kathy and Jenni – have founded the new community arts project Sky Lark Arts. Through a shared passion for …

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Ruty Benjamini at a land art event in Naples

Ruty, one of our artists at Skylark Galleries, flew to Naples at the end of September to participate in a land art event. She’s creating artwork out of natural materials and …

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Clare Johnson’s Featured Artist event will be a colourful affair…….

Skylark Galleries 1 will be awash with the bright, vivid colours of Clare Johnson’s distinctive print style.  During her featured artist event, from 28th Sept – 18th Oct, Clare will be exhibiting …

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Linda Samson – ‘Variations on a Theme’ – Featured Artist

The featured artist show of Linda Samson, one of our ceramic artists at Skylark Galleries 2, is underway and runs until 20th Sept. Linda’s bold and colourful figurative artwork is exhibited at …

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