Queens Pathway by Clare Johnson

Clare Johnson

I make images very much inspired by early hand tinted post cards where the image was printed using silk-screen or lithography in a neutral colour. They were then coloured individually by hand, often in inspiring colours which showed more than the reality.
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Reading Dark Mountain


It is perhaps where we may need to go soon…a dreaming landscape.
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OILS, ACRYLICS, and WATERCOLOURS Oils, acrylics, and water-colours, and are kinds of artists paint. There are lots of ways to make coloured marks on a surface. This blog is about …

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Talia LeHavi artist at Skylark 2

London-based artist Talia LeHavi has been working with traditional Japanese ink painting techniques for many years. Talia has been teaching Japanese ink painting, calligraphy and watercolour techniques at her London studio, as well as lecturing at various museums, art councils and associations in the UK and worldwide.
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The Tate Modern Blavatnik building.

Tate Modern has re-named the new extension ‘The Blavatnik Building’. The Tate announced that the extension is named after the USSR-born billionaire oligarch Len Blavatnik, who made one of the largest donations to the institution in The Tate’s history.
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Garden City by Nicolette Carter

Nicolette Carter artist

Spring Fields’ is the latest in Nicolette’s series of ‘Garden Town’ paintings. These paintings are strongly influenced by moving to live on the Oxfordshire/ Berkshire border after living in South …

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A conversation with Colin Pearce

Skylark Galleries Blog in a conversation with Colin Pearce London Based Photographer   ‘A Life less ordinary’ SGB. Colin Pearce, please tell us something about yourself. CP. I am a …

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Nicola White artist

Nicola White is a self-taught artist and River Thames mudlark. Her work is inspired by found objects old and new which she picks up along the Thames foreshore in London.
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Shyama Ruffell artist

So does anyone need anything done ?
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MEMES and SCHEMES by Colin Ruffell.. Memes and schemes are the lifeblood of a creative lifestyle.  Someone, a beloved person very close to me, told me recently that I seem …

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