CAROL EDGAR – 27th FEB – 19th MAR 2017

FEATURED ARTIST  CAROL EDGAR SKYLARK GALLERY IN  GABRIEL’S WHARF MONDAY 27TH FEBRUARY – SUNDAY 19TH MARCH 2017 ‘Carol is exhibiting a collection of  semi abstract paintings on board and canvas …

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Dutton Sisters

The DUTTON SISTERS 20th February -12th March

Our story united and individually in our roles: as artists, mothers partners, friends, members of our community
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Cat on Fence by Colin Ruffell


If you like making art you might want to progress from hobby artist to professional artist.
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The Spring Fair.

The Spring Fair is where and when the professional art, design, furnishing, and gift worlds get together in the middle of England. And the general public don’t know about it.
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Re-envisioning the world | Skylightrain

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The making of Lovers on Horse

Have a look at the making of Abeer Elkhatebs sculpture [Lovers on Horse] which is on display at Skylark Galleries 2

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Five Chinese Elements by Gill Hickman

Qigong, Meditation, and Bumpy Paper!

Some art is really complicated and other art is really simple.
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acrylic paints

Watching paint dry.

Watching paint dry by Colin Ruffell [artist in Skylark One]. Last Saturday I gave a demonstration of my acrylic painting technique in a huge new artists supply shop in London.
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Five things about London.

London is a big, important, interesting, popular, exciting, place.
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'Lovers and Child' bronze by Abeer Elkhateb


Many artists have depicted animals in their art.
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